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The majority of threats may not be predictable, but the protection can be. iV4’s Recovery Managed IT Solution reduces the complexity and controls the cost of building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure for backups and disaster recovery.

The importance of data cannot be understated.

Without your data, what do you have? How long does it take you to recover data that is lost? Your data is the lifeline required to run your business. Rotating tapes or removable media offsite is cumbersome and leaves room for human error. Today, best practices mean making certain that your data is always available. Even when disaster strikes. 

Complete Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution


Upload to Cloud 64

Cloud Storage Filled 50

Fires 52

Local, Replicated, & Cloud-Based Tiered Data Backup

Setup & Configuration

Disaster Recovery Plan Development 


Burning Folder 48

Administrative Tools 52

Quarterly Reporting and Analysis

Disaster Recovery Testing

Monitoring, Monthly Reporting & Capacity Planning

Documentation of Backup Policies & Procedures


Maintenance Filled 50

Data Recovery 52

business affiliate network

Maintenance & Annual Update Services

Annual Recovery Testing

Annual Storage Consumption





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